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El espejo del gigante - Rubén Fernández Barragán - Pico Espigüete, embalse de Camporredondo, Cardaño de Abajo

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Outdoor activities are part of everyday life in Palencia throughout the entire year. Here you will find some of the most fascinating landscapes in the world. Enter a dreamy place.

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Touch the sky

The landscape and ethnographic characteristics make it very attractive

Alto de una montaña

Diviértete en Palencia

Aquí descubrirás las actividades y rutas más fascinantes. Viajes en barco por el Canal de Castilla, rutas accesibles entre tejos milenarios por la Montaña Palentina, historia y patrimonio perfectamente conjugado con el medio natural.

Boedo - Ojeda

This district occupies the central area of the province of Palencia, being a link between the land called “Tierra de Campos” and the The mountains of Palencia in the north of the province

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Palentian Cerrato is composed of rolling land and several low hills, from which it takes its name. It is a large district of more than 1700 km2, located in southern Palencia.

The vegetation along the River Pisuerga, its tributaries and brooks, provide greenery and shade. The area is dominated by ochre yellows, with a touch of green from pine, oak and kermes oak trees. The above-proposed towns can be clearly distinguished between the hills and cereal crops that dominate the moorland.

Speakin abaut “Cerrato” y also speak abaut hight quality gastronomy and wines: Palenzuela Onion, Torquemada Pepper, Churra Suckling Lamb, Cheeses..

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The north of Palencia, known as the Palentian Mountain Range, is comprised of several districts and valleys. It limits to the west with Leon, to the north with Cantabria, and to the south with Burgos. This is a privileged area with myriad attractions and resources. It is home to the highest peaks in the province - Curavacas, Espigüete and Las Lomas. The Rivers Carrion and Pisuerga, which arise in these mountains, flow to the reservoirs of Camporredondo, Compuerto, Requejada, and Ruesga.

The Fuentes Carrionas route will take you to the highest peaks in the Palencia Mountain Range: Curavacas (2,525 m), Espigüete (2,450 m) and Las Lomas (2,451 m). The area takes its name from the River Carrión, whose source is in Fuentes Carrionas Lagoon. This already mighty river also gets water from the Camporredondo and Compuerto Reservoirs. The diversity of its oak and beech forests, the excellent pastures, and the quantity and quality of its fishing and hunting areas are assured.

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Tierra de Campos

The Palentian Tierra de Campos offers many and unexpected surprises. At first, it comes across as an apparently homogenous, geographical space; but, on closer scrutiny, one becomes aware of the wealth of contrasts in its landscape, light and volumes, in particular, during the different seasons.

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Vega - Valdavia

A place where   its landscape of valleys, rivers and forests, inhabited by native wildlife, including otters, great bustards and wolves, is a privileged hunting and fishing area. You will also be able to visit interesting monuments or engage in activities such as trekking, cycling or horse riding, collect mushrooms, purchase crafts, enjoy a delicious and well-valued cuisine, and participate in a variety of leisure activities but also you will discover, inter alia, large, Romanesque parish churches, humble hermitages, monastic compounds, fonts, capitals, Roman Villas etc.

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The City

A traveller who arrives at a city will always be drawn to the historic centre, its main streets, the monuments pointed out by tourist guides, and novelties sold in shops, hotels, or restaurants. Palencia is, of course, no exception. In addition to the above, the visitors to our city will be amazed by the amount of details that are not included in information leaflets, that is, those which make Palencia far more than just a waypoint in the tourist route. Palencia is a dynamic city that has grown and blossomed with time, just like any other living being. For all of the above, it is chiefly a place for living and enjoying life.

Palencia's geographical location enables both easy access to the city and provides an ideal starting point for day trips to nearby places with spectacular landscapes (Cerro del Otero, dominated by the statue of Christ by Victorio Macho, outdoor observatory at Autilla del Pino, where on a clear day you can see the mountain ranges to the north, which always amaze us with their ever-changing tapestry of colours, or the Viejo mountain, covered with oaks and home to deer, where you can enjoy a pleasant outing in the countryside or a wide variety of sports and outdoor activities) or longer routes to explore the many wonders the province has to offer.

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