Vista aérea Palencia

The City

A traveller who arrives at a city will always be drawn to the historic centre, its main streets, the monuments pointed out by tourist guides, and novelties sold in shops, hotels, or restaurants. Palencia is, of course, no exception. In addition to the above, the visitors to our city will be amazed by the amount of details that are not included in information leaflets, that is, those which make Palencia far more than just a waypoint in the tourist route. Palencia is a dynamic city that has grown and blossomed with time, just like any other living being. For all of the above, it is chiefly a place for living and enjoying life.

Palencia's geographical location enables both easy access to the city and provides an ideal starting point for day trips to nearby places with spectacular landscapes (Cerro del Otero, dominated by the statue of Christ by Victorio Macho, outdoor observatory at Autilla del Pino, where on a clear day you can see the mountain ranges to the north, which always amaze us with their ever-changing tapestry of colours, or the Viejo mountain, covered with oaks and home to deer, where you can enjoy a pleasant outing in the countryside or a wide variety of sports and outdoor activities) or longer routes to explore the many wonders the province has to offer.

In Palencia  you can explore different monuments, including the Cathedral and its museum, the Diocesan Museum of Religious Art, Museum of Palencia. The counterpoint to this museum may be a visit to the Díaz Caneja Foundations, where this artist's legacy is on exhibition.

There are many more highly interesting monuments, churches and museums, but the best option is to stroll through the city with eyes wide open and enjoy every corner, paying attention to the signs and suggestions of the hospitable people of Palencia.