Tierra de Campos palentina

Tierra de Campos

The Palentian Tierra de Campos offers many and unexpected surprises. At first, it comes across as an apparently homogenous, geographical space; but, on closer scrutiny, one becomes aware of the wealth of contrasts in its landscape, light and volumes, in particular, during the different seasons.

The sunlight, the blueness of the sky, the sunrises and sunsets are simply unparalleled. If the variety of temples, museums and places of interest are also factored in, your visit will be more than justified. This rich diversity ranges from important works of art by painters like Pedro Berruguete, to beautiful and unique dovecots, examples of rural architecture, in which the adobe is a fundamental building material. Arable grain fields, lands infused with art, towns well worth an unhurried and thoughtful visit. These lands are home to a collection of works of art that are masterpieces, or as we say "with proper names", and that are kept safe in our temples. Others talk about the intrahistory of each town. We invite you to take the time to visit the interesting works of art, of all styles and periods, that exist in Tierra de Campos, and to wander through the streets and squares where the monuments and museums are located. You will encounter works created for kings, nobles, bishops, guilds, civil commissions, or simple signs of the passage of time, or those related to ethnography and popular culture, whilst enjoying nature and our landscapes.