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Gastronomic Guide

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The Culinary Guide of Palencia, which brings together all the information available on Palentian cuisine, is based on three pillars: the quality of agri-food products, a collection of tasty recipes, and a list of restaurants in which you can enjoy the gastronomical pleasures of Palencia.

This guide is provided herein in a more user-friendly format, so that any tourist visiting Palencia can include it in his or her luggage. Cuisine, which is one of a number of attractions in our territory, thus becomes a travel mate, an added enticement to our landscape, heritage, art, culture, history, and, of course, the warm hospitality of the people of Palencia.

The County Council of Palencia wishes to ensure that this publication, which is considered a benchmark by businesses operating in food, hotel and restaurant industries, is also available to tourists as a practical guide, whom we invite to rest and enjoy good food during the visits and tours. Our agri-food products, traditional, yet modern recipe book, and cosy restaurants await your visit.

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