Localización, vías de comunicación

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Localización y Vías de Comunicación
.Location and Communication Routes


The province of Palencia, which is one of the nine provinces that make up the Community of Castile and León, is located in the northern sub-plateau of the Iberian Peninsula. It is bordered on the north by the autonomous community of Cantabria, on the west by the provinces of León and Valladolid, on the east by the province of Burgos, and on the south by the provinces of Valladolid and Burgos.

Palencia is the seventh largest province of Castile and León and the 29th largest Spanish province thanks to its 8.052 square kilometers of extension. The maximum height is 2.536 meters while the minimum height is 740 meters. The province has a population of 180.000, occupying the sixth position in the community and the 46th in the Spanish state, with a population density of 21, 54 inhabitants per square kilometer.




Due to its strategic location, Palencia has three main access routes:

• North to south: 611 Palencia-Santander national road and A-67, the plateau highway.

• East to west: N-120 Burgos-León road and the Way of St. James highway, A-231 Burgos-León.

• South to southeast: Autovía de Castilla A-80 Valladolid-Burgos.

Therefore, the main access routes to our province are the following ones:

• A-67 Santander / 199,5km distance

• A-62 Burgos / 91km distance

• A-62 Valladolid / 47km distance

• A-231 León / 173km distance

• A-231 Galicia / Distances: La Coruña 412km. Ourense 331km. Lugo 318km. Pontevedra 425km.

• A-6 Madrid / 235km distance


      Mapa Provincia de Palencia


Villanubla airport:

45 minutes from the Palentinian capital, this airport is located in the province of Valladolid, in the municipality of Villanubla. The distance between Palencia and such airport comprises 52 km by the Autovía A-62 (Autovía de Castilla).

Villafría airport:

The national airport of Villafría is located in the province of Burgos, one hour from the capital of Palencia by the Autovía A-62, with a distance of 95 km

León airport:

It is located 6km from the capital of the province of León, in the municipalities of Valverde de la Virgen and San Andrés de Rabanedo. This airport makes connection with Palencia by the A-231 Way of St. James highway, joining at Carrión de los Condes with the CL-615 road, which connects directly with the capital of Palencia. The distance is approximately 140 Km.

Salamanca airport:

This airport, located in the province of Salamanca at a distance of 15 km from the capital, shares the use of its infrastructure with the air base of Matacán. Being at an approximate distance of 173km from Palencia, it takes two hours to arrive at this airport by the Autovía A-62 (Autovía de Castilla).



The railway network also provides excellent connective routes with the main Spanish cities. You can take the train at:

Palencia Railway Station

C/ Jardinillos De La Estación, S/N,

34003 Palencia

Information about schedules and prices: 902 240 202 http://www.renfe.com/ (national information)

“Alvia” long-distance and high speed train service (TGV)

For more information, visit: http://www.renfe.com/viajeros/larga_distancia/productos/alvia.html




Palencia Coach Station:

C/ Pedro Berruguete, s/n

34005 Palencia

Telephone: 979 743 222

Guardo Coach Station:

C/ Jorge Manrique, s/n

34880 Guardo

Telephone: 979 850 539

Aguilar de Campoo Coach Station:

Avenida de ronda, 52

34800 Aguilar de Campoo



Compañía Linecar, S.A. Tel: 979 747 211. Line: Aguilar-Palencia (coach company)

Grupo Alsa. Tel: 902 422 242. www.alsa.es. (coach company)

Saldaña Coach Station:

Avenida José Quintana, s/n

34100 Saldaña

Telephone: 979 891 303

Cervera Coach Station:

C/ Las Fuentes Carrionas, 4

34840 Cervera de Pisuerga

Telephone: 979 870 816



Servicio de Turismo - Diputación de Palencia. Calle Mayor, 31 34001. Palencia. Telf: 979 70 65 23