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Way of St. James

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The Way of St. James, or the French Way, passes through Palencia from east to west, almost through its geographical centre. It traverses through our province from Burgos to Leon along 70 km, to which an additional 36 kilometres corresponding to the itinerary followed by tourists and pilgrims on bicycle should be added. In addition to the traditional itinerary, there is an alternative route which passes through Cervatos de la Cueza, San Román de la Cuba, Pozo de Urama, Villada and Pozuelos del Rey, and takes us onwards to Leon via the French Way.

The landscape along this route through Palencia ranges from the green riverbanks of the Rivers Carrión and Pisuerga and the coolness of the Canal de Castilla to the vastness of the grain fields of Tierra de Campos.

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