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Palentinian Mountains

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The north of Palencia, known as the Palentian Mountain Range, is comprised of several districts and valleys. It limits to the west with Leon, to the north with Cantabria, and to the south with Burgos. This is a privileged area with myriad attractions and resources. It is home to the highest peaks in the province - Curavacas, Espigüete and Las Lomas. The Rivers Carrion and Pisuerga, which arise in these mountains, flow to the reservoirs of Camporredondo, Compuerto, Requejada, and Ruesga.

The diversity of its oak and beech forests, the excellent quality of its pastures, lichens and moss, and the cleanliness of its rivers ensure the quantity and quality of its hunting and fishing activities. Intermingled with the mountain landscapes are luxuriant valleys such as San Quirce, Redondos, Castillería, Santullán, and Covalagua. There are also interesting rock formations in Las Tuerces and the Horadada Canyon.

We can enjoy the diversity of the landscape along various routes and from several observatories.

In addition to the natural wonders, we can also explore man-made monuments, as this is the area with the highest density of Romanesque buildings. We are convinced that the delicious, local cuisine, and the possibility of practicing different activities such as water sports, trekking, horse riding or rail bike, will beckon you, dear traveller, to return to Palencia.

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