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Palentinian Romanesque

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Palencia has the highest density of Romanesque monuments in Europe. The routes suggested in this brochure are therefore basic itineraries, which, in many cases, cannot be completed in only one day, because, dear traveller, in addition to our proposals, you will discover in nearby villages fonts, capitals and other Romanesque remains that have been preserved as part of more modern buildings. For this reason, we invite you to invest more time in the visits, prepare to be amazed by our Romanesque buildings, the landscape of Cerrato or the Palencia mountain range, and follow the pilgrimage routes on the Way of St. James.

In Palencia, you will discover, inter alia, large, Romanesque parish churches, humble hermitages, monastic compounds, fonts, capitals, etc.

Although there are Romanesque buildings and sculptures scattered throughout the province, we have selected three key areas with a larger density.

The Way of St. James as it passes through Palencia.

The south of Palencia, starting from the capital city, through the Cerrato.

The extensive district located in the north of the province, which has been subdivided into three routes, with Aguilar de Campoo in its centre.

In several of these towns, you will also be able to enjoy the landscape, festivals, traditional pilgrimages and fairs, purchase crafts, taste the local cuisine, and, above all, experience the hospitality of the good people of Palencia.

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