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Content Accessibility

The Tourism Board of the County Council of Palencia has applied the guide lines of the World Wide Web Consortium in order to render the contents of this tourism portal accessible to the largest number of people, and continues to work day by day to improve accessibility to the website.

This website has been designed to make the contents accessible to different groups of disabled people (visually, hearing, physically, cognitively, and speech impaired). Disabled Internet users require special software and hardware to browse the Internet, and the content encoding is designed to facilitate their experience.

Keyboard shortcuts

Our website is designed to allow the use of keyboard shortcuts; therefore, you can move between different menus and links, in a logical and simple sequence, by pressing on TAB.

Nonetheless, each main link has an access key to make browsing easier. This shortcut is available on most browser - ALT (Windows and Linux OS) or CTRL (Macintosh). Some browsers, such as Mozilla and Netscape 6, have automatic links, whereas others like Microsoft Internet Explorer only highlight the link and is only activated by pressing ENTER.

Example: In order to access the accessibility page, whose quick access key is 0, please press ALT-0 in Microsoft Windows, or CTRL-0 in Mac-OS.

A list of the most useful quick access keys on our website is provided below:

* 0 Key: * 1: Statement on Accessibility (this page) * a: Access Terms * t: Accommodations * r: Transportation * e: Restaurants * c: Activities * i: Get To Know Palencia * s: Tourist Information * m: Services * p: Web Site Map Front Page

International Standards

* These pages conform to W3C's "Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 1.0", including Priorities 1, 2 and 3 checkpoints. This means that the website conforms to level Triple-A (AAA) of the recommended accessibility guidelines.

* The accessibility has been checked manually and using automatics evaluation tools such as TAW, Bobby and Cynthia.

* The visual presentation uses Cascading Style Sheets(CSS), and has been validated to CSS Level 2.

* The layout of the pages not only allows for correct transmission of the structure, but also conveys semantic meaning about their contents.

Accessible Content

Several tests for assessing the correct implementation of the standards were conducted during the development of the website.

* Visual inspection of the website using different browsers (Microsoft Explorer, Netscape, Opera, Mozilla, Safari, etc.) and different OS (Microsoft Windows, Mac-Os, Linux, etc.).

* Browsing the website with JavaScript disabled.

* Browsing the website with style sheets disabled.

* Visual inspection of web contents with different font sizes.

Visual Design

* The visual presentation is exclusively based on CSS style sheets.

* The pages use relative sizes for the typography so as to respect the font size specified by the user on his/her browser.

* The pages have been designed to remain legible under even if the user's browser does not support style sheets.

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